Our Team




Founder and CEO

Chef Chris has been introducing creative meals and memorable dining experiences for over 18 years, creating restaurants in many locations, including Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley.  He has served two U.S. Presidents, established and directed the 24-hour food service operations of one of America’s largest internet corporations, and traveled the world studying culinary techniques of many countries. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Chef Bifano has apprenticed under top chefs in Asia and Italy, learning traditional techniques and recipes that he uses today. He believes in simple preparation, allowing the ingredient to be the star, and is a staunch proponent of farm to table and humane practices.

Chris directs all operations for Papa Bifano, including recipe and menu development, sales, marketing, and distribution. He is responsible for culinary direction, ingredient sourcing, pricing, revenue and financing.




Chris’ brother, Anthony, has been a corporate financial leader and accountant for over 25 years.  He has driven startup and aggressive growth companies in various industries. Anthony has long had a passion for cooking and catering and is proud to help his family realize their dream of creating an accessible, chef driven concept, with old fashioned family values and recipes, while practicing social and economic responsibility. 

Anthony oversees all accounting, legal and administrative duties at Papa Bifano. He heads East Coast operations and is a creative contributor across all operational and development areas, including sales, marketing, and communications.




Brand Ambassador and Operations Manager

Harlan is a classically trained chef and inventive culinarian who, during his more than 20 years in the food service industry, has impressed customers with his ability to create transformative meal experiences. Like Chris, he pulls heavily from his family’s cooking traditions while also constantly developing new and creative menu items. A UC Berkeley graduate, Harlan oversees all events and is the "Outside the Box" creative thinker of the brand.